Dongguan BiGa Grating Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1996 with its corporte headquaters in Dongguan. It is one of early professional manufacturers engaged in research, development and production of digital readout and linear displacement sensor in China.

     Research areas of the company include electronics, optics, mechinery, digital display system, displacement controller,electronic digital magnetic grid system, etc. The company has its own professional technical staff and installation personnel, so that it can meet all the demand of grating, transformation of magnetic grid sensor and adequate and systematic service. At present, the company has various series of grating digital readout products which are widely applied to milling machine, grinding machine, lathe, EDM machine and so on. According to customers' need, the company can supply products of gratings of special types and specifications, as well as magnetic ruler, both assorted with other apparatus and special mechanical equipments. These products can, for example, be connected with PCL and widely used for automatic transformation of equipments. High-speed linear scale can be applied to chip mounters and injection molding machines. Extra-long linear scale, especially designed for gantry milling machine, can reach a maximum length of ten meters.

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